£1.7 Billion of Unused Mobile Phones in UK

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According to a recent study of 1332 British residents it has been found that more than 20% have over 3 unused mobile phones and over 66% have 1 old phone sat lying around in their homes. When these figures are compared to the population of the country it shows there is up to a massive 68 million unused mobile phones in the UK.

If each unused mobile phone was worth an average of £25 / day it would amount to a huge £1.7 Billion worth of mobile phones waiting to be cashed in.

It is quite surprising that there are still so many unwanted phones in people’s houses around the country considering there are now so many recycling schemes, websites and events that encourage more mobile phones to be recycled.

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  1. carpentry bedford Says:

    wow thats an amazing statistic, you would think with more promotion more people would realise they are sat on cash but not trading it in!

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