£100 Million Paid out by Mazuma Mobile

Published by Stephen Roper on Tagged Mazuma

One of the UK’s most popular mobile recycling sites, Mazuma Mobile has recently announced that they have now paid out a staggering £100 million to their customers since launching their website in 2006.

Mazuma are the first mobile recycler in the industry to reach this massive milestone after recycling a total of 2.88 million handsets in the last 5 years.

Director of Mazuma, Charlo Carabott said “Our success has been achieved by providing a premium customer service, the best phone values and being the only mobile recycler to give same day payments to our customers.”

Mazuma along with a few other mobile recyclers has also recently introduced tablet recycling as its anticipated that lots more tablet computers will be sent in once new devices have been released later this year.

Anyone recycling their old tablet computer at Mazuma will get the same high level of customer service and payment options as recycling a mobile phone.

Recycle your old mobile or tablet at Mazuma Mobile here

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