32% of UK Residents Still Unaware that Mobiles Can be Recycled

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A recent study that was carried out by Orange has found that there is around there are £2.69 billion worth of unwanted mobile handsets collecting dust in UK homes and 32% (one in three) still have no idea how to recycle them.

The study also revealed that 40% (one in four) of people in the UK had never recycled an old mobile phone and 24% didn’t realise that they could get cash for selling them online or offline.

Also and quite surprisingly the research found that 11% of people keep hold of their old mobiles as they don’t want to part with them, in the 18-24’s age group this figure was as high as 27% sitting on their old handsets with only 7% of the over 50’s.

Overall and in comparison to other recycling methods which offer no financial rewards the recycling of mobile phones has increase significantly over the last few years.

This study was carried out by Orange at the same time that the European Union has been attempting to push more EU residents to recycle more electrical goods including mobile phones.

Its hoped that the study by Orange will get the message across that more people need to be recycling mobile phones and may be able to make a bit of money doing so.

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