5 Billion Phones Sat In People’s Draws

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Of the 10 billion phones sold worldwide since 1994, there are five billion phones just sat in people’s draws somewhere.  Sweet love of communication, that’s a lot of mobiles!

There are currently five billion mobile connections worldwide. One billion of those connections have been added in the last 18 months. In the UK 30 million phones are sold every year.

Where do they go?

An increasing amount of old mobile phones are being recycled by people who want to sell their handset with the least hassle. Some people sell their phone direct to friends or contacts or sometimes just give them away.

It’s clear that a lot of old mobiles just get abandoned the moment a new handset comes along. They get forgotten about, put in draws just in case the new one isn’t liked or breaks. Sometimes it’s because the user became emotionally attatched to an object, which would probably wear off after a few months anyway, but there it lies, gathering dust, losing value. Better to sell it for many reasons.

Unfortunately the rest of the phones that people no longer want get thrown out with the rubbish which will end up on the landfill site. This is a waste of resources and energy.

Our advice is to sell your old mobile phone as soon as you get a new one. It gives you more money back from your old handset, it is of benefit to the environment and it helps less developed countries communicate better.

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