Alarming Number of Brits Throwing Old Mobile Phones in the Bin

Published by Stephen Roper on Tagged Recycling

Recent research has found that as much as 60% of people in the UK are still not recycling their old mobile phones.

The study found that the average person in the UK has around 2 old mobiles lying round their house and 7% of these will end up at landfill. 7% equates to around 5 million old phones that will end up in Britain’s landfills. Once at landfill not only will these old mobiles leak many dangerous chemicals into the soil, they will also take hundreds of years to break down. Throwing away mobiles and other electronic products is also stopping the country from reducing the size of landfill sites and hitting recycling targets.

Not only does throwing old mobiles in the bin cause damage to the environment but also will be loosing people lots of extra money. With the number of mobile recycling sites available that pay cash it’s estimated that the value of old mobiles going to landfill is around £150 Million, which is a lot of money to end up buried in the ground!

Do your bit for the environment and recycle your old mobile today.

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