BBC Programme Inside Out Exposes UKs Illegal Waste Exports to Poorer Countries

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A programme that has been aired on BBCs Inside Out has revealed that illegal export gangs in the UK are shipping tonnes of electrical waste to poorer countries in Africa and Asia.

E-waste is our fastest growing form of rubbish, with technology changing daily and new electrical items coming out its not surprising that in London alone over 4000 TVs are being thrown in the bin every day. TVs and other electrical items are full of toxic metals including Lead which can cause massive problems at landfill.

UK law requires any electrical items that are disposed of correctly to be recycled in the UK but this can cost companies lots of money. To avoid paying these costs containers full of electrical waste are shipped to poorer countries such as Ghana and dumped illegally.

In Ghana there are one main slum called Sodom Gommorra where electrical waste is piled up as far as the eye can see. Places where this waste has come from include the UKs banks, hospitals, councils and even a police force. Its hard to imagine how all these electrical items can end up in one of the poorest countries in the world.

Its expected that after the programme has been aired mobile phone recycling will rise as by sending old phones to one of the many online mobile recyclers, phones and other gadgets are disposed or recycled correctly. Its the larger electrical items that will be a cause for concern for many British people who want to ensure that when they dispose of an item it us recycled correctly.

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  1. Mark Thomson Says:

    As an environmental consultant myself, I have to say The ‘pollutor pays principle’ laws have been developed so that the cost disposing of waste is meet by those companies who manufacture the waste. This is proper and just, However unfortunately there are always organisations that try and bend the law to fit there own financial needs. It is a shame because as normal third world counties seem to pay the price.

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