What do you do with your old mobile phones?

Do they get thrown in the back of a drawer and forgotten about?

It is estimated that there are over 3 Billion phones in the world, of these 90 million are sat in peoples drawers and cupboards collecting dust, even worse some of these are being put in the bin and eventually end up at landfill sites which can cause big problems to the environment.

90 million mobiles have a cash value that is estimated to be as much as £1.6Billion, that's enough to buy a Royal Navy aircraft carrier or 800 million pints of beer!

We recommended that you dig out all your old phones and recycle or sell them so they can be re-used. This can help make a big difference to our futures and also in these gloomy economic times help you earn you earn some extra money.

Every year over 15 million phones are upgraded but only 20% of these are actually recycled or re-used. That leaves over 3 million phones every year that could be causing big problems to the environment. Although they are only small, they contain some of the most toxic materials known to human beings.

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Toxic materials found in mobiles and how they harm

Cadmium - This is being phased out of new mobile phone batteries but was included in most older phones. One mobile containing cadmium would be enough to pollute 600,000 litres of water.

Lead - This is used to solder components onto the circuit board inside your mobile phone. Lead can cause serious damage to children's brains, in adults it can affects the immune, endocrine and central nervous systems.

Brominated flame retardants - In the past these have been associated with cancer.

Beryllium - This is used in the springs and contacts inside every phone. In humans beryllium can cause major lung damage if they are burnt in waste plants.

Mobile Phone Recycling Companies will Dispose of your Phone Correctly

The best way of disposing of your phone correctly is by selling it to a specialized Internet company. These companies will either sell your old phone abroad or dispose of it correctly and sell the usable parts if it is faulty.

Online recycling companies pay between £5 - £400 per mobile phone you send in. The amount you are sent depends on the condition of the phone and how new the model is. Some companies may buy your faulty phone which will fetch between 10% to 80% of the full value.

Mobile Phones Stolen in Riots Ending up on Auction Sites

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Many mobile phones ans smartphones that were stolen from shops in the recent UK riots have started turning up for sale on popular auction sites like eBay.

The database that the Police and mobile recycling companies use to check if phones are stolen, CheckMEND has reported that the number of stolen handsets being reported has risen from 2000 to 6000 per day in the last week.

Some of the extra reports on CheckMEND will have been entered by Police forces who are checking the database to see if the goods are stolen, however many reports are coming from auction sites, mobile recycling companies and second hand shops.

It’s been estimated by Goods Tracking Company Recipero that the number of standard mobile phones and smartphones that were stolen in the riots will be in the tens of thousands.

Anybody that is considering buying a new mobile phone from an auction site should first get the IMEI or serial number and check it on the CheckMEND database themselves. This can be done at a cost of £1.99 per item.

Once a handset has been reported as stolen in the UK it will be deactivated and therefore will not be able to connect any UK networks.

It’s likely that many organized criminals who have deactivated smartphones will sell them abroad so they can be reprogrammed and then will connect foreign mobile networks.

Mazuma Mobile Launched New TV Advert

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Popular mobile recycling company Mazuma Mobile, has recently launched a new TV advert which is made by production company Fall off the wall.

The new thirty second advertisement which features their mascot, Maz uses new techniques including After Effects and Cinema4D. The new techniques help to bring Maz alive in his own world.

After getting feedback from their Facebook fans the company decided to use Maz again on the new campaign due to his overwhelming popularity.

Managing Director of Mazuma Mobile, Charlo Carabott said “We are the first UK mobile phone recycler to pay out over £100million to our UK customers. So the new ad campaign is designed to reinforce our strength as a trusted and credible mobile phone recycler as well as the simplicity and speed of our service.”

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Loads More Mobile Recycling Could be Done in the UK

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According to the latest research loads more mobile recycling could be done in the UK as lots more people are looking to buy new smartphones as replacements for their standard mobiles.

The research that was released by Kantar WorldPanel found that Britain is now the world leader when it comes to the amount of people buying smartphones. The figures showed that 67% of people in the UK will buy a smartphone as their latest handset, this figure is higher than in any other country.

In fact other figures have shown that sales of smartphones are on the up with a 74% rise in the second quarter of 2011 in comparison with the same quarter in 2010.

The most popular smartphone operating system that is being purchased is Android with a huge 48.8% share in the market.

Smartphones are also great devices to recycle as they tend to keep their value for many years which standard mobile phones do not.

Upgrading to a smartphone? Recycle your unwanted handset at Mazuma Mobile here

Featured Site – I Need a Mobile – Cheapest Prices for Second Hand Mobiles

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If you’ve recently recycled your old mobile phone in order to get some extra cash to pay essential bills and are looking for a cheap phone then a great place to try is our featured site, I Need a Mobile.

I Need a Mobile is an online mobile phone retailer that only sell used mobile phones. Due to their mobile handsets being second hand it means that their prices are extremely cheap. They also have an extensive range of different models including Blackberry, Sony Ericsson, Apple, Nokia, HTC, Samsung and lots more.

The site is owned by the PingEcho Group who are based in Manchester and also own popular recycling website Money4yourphone. All phones that they receive through their recycling website are refurbished then sold on which is how they can offer such low prices.

All phones that are sold through the site are graded so you will know the quality before you make a purchase. Grade A means the phone is in an excellent condition with no scratches, Grade B means the phone is in a good but used condition and may have a few scratches and Grade C means the phone will show a lot of wear and tear with visible scratches on the screen.

Payments on the site are accepted via debit card or Paypal which allows for a secure financial transaction. All orders placed on the sent are sent quickly via next day delivery.

Some of the main benefits of using the I Need a Mobile website include:

  • Free postage on all orders
  • Some of the cheapest prices for mobile phones online, many times their prices are even cheaper than eBay.
  • 28 day warranty and 14 day return period.
  • Extensive range of used handsets.
  • Easy to use website

We highly recommend I Need a Phone as a great way to get a cheap, quality, used mobile phone delivered quickly to your doorstep.

Buy a used mobile on I Need a Phone here

New Nokia N9 MeeGoo Smartphone

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Popular mobile phone manufacturer Nokia has recently announced that they will be releasing a new smartphone the N9 which will be running the new MeeGoo operating system.

The N9 will feature a 3.9 inch screen with a widescreen 16:9 resolution display and have a nice curved design. It is set to come in 3 different colours of either black, magenta or cyan. It will also have an 8 mega-pixel camera that will allow for HD video capture. The smartphone is powered by a 1GHz single core processor and comes with either 16GB or 64GB of storage.

The phone is the world’s first ‘pure touch’ smartphone and is the only one to run the MeeGoo operating system. MeeGoo is an open source Linux based open source mobile operating system. It was first announced at the Mobile Congress in February last year by Intel and Nokia.

As Nokia have decided that this smartphone will be their only MeeGoo powered device and the rest will run on Windows 7 it is likely to be hard to sell and be a ‘niche’ handset.

The biggest surprise is that when the new N9 goes on sale in the UK it will have a huge price tag of £599.99, although this is likely to be much cheaper for people on contracts. We hope this price is lowered before it comes out on sale.

Ways That Simple Changes Can Both Save You Money and Help You Earn Extra Cash

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As well as recycling your old mobile phone for cash there are many other ways that you can make simply changes in your lifestyle help save you money, earn a little bit more extra cash and at the same time do your bit for the environment. The following is a list of some of the most popular:

  1. Save money by cutting down on household bills. Everyone can save a little but of money every year by turning down the thermostat, using energy saving light bulbs, turning off electrical items if they are on standby and checking the fridge is not on too high. Not only will these simple ideas help us all save a little cash but they will also help the environment.
  2. Get a water meter – By getting a water meter not only will you save money on your bills but also it will help encourage you to use less water.
  3. Make sure you are on the right mobile phone tariff. It’s been estimates that people that are on the wrong mobile phone tariff could be wasting up to £200 per year.
  4. Check you are on the correct Council tax. If you are a single person you could be saving as much as 25% on your Council tax bill.
  5. Rent a room or parking space. Renting a room in your house could earn you as much as £4500 per year from each tenant. Many people also rent out their parking spaces in order to earn extra money, if you live near a stadium you could be earning as much as £15 per day.
  6. Post gold and jewellery to earn extra cash. You can request a free gold pack to send in your unwanted gold and jewellery to companies such as Post Gold for Cash. They pay top prices, offer free and safe delivery of your old items and pay cash via cheque within just 48 hours.
  7. Recycle CDs, DVDs and games for cash. Like mobile phones many other items can be recycled for cash payments such as CDs, DVDs and console games. One of the most popular trading websites for DVDs, CDs and games is Music Magpie. Music Magpie is free, allows you to scan or enter the barcodes to get instant prices, offers top prices, a free post service for your old items and a free courier if you send 50 or more.
  8. Freeze meals. Just by freezing left over meals it’s estimated that every family in the UK could save up to £50 per year.

Top Dollar Mobile Review

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Top Dollar Mobile does exactly what it says on the tin and offers top prices for your old mobile phones.

They are owned and operated by a global group company, GY Telecom. The company has been working in the mobile phone industry for over 16 years and are one of the leading companies in the recycling and re-use of mobile phones. As they have an established and worldwide sales and distribution network for mobile phones means that they can offer highly competitive prices to all customers.

The Top Dollar Mobile website is extremely easy to use, they offer instant prices and will buy working and non-working handsets.

The website also offer loads of information on the trade in process in the ‘How to Sell’ section and for any questions they also have a full support page.

To sell your unwanted handset simply search for the make and model using the search box or drop down menu and you will be quoted a price on the following page. If you happy with the price then add it to your basket, register your details and a freepost envelope will be sent out to you. Once your unwanted phone has been received it will be tested to ensure it is in the condition that you stated and your cash will be sent out via cheque or bank transfer within a maximum of 7 days.

Many people that have used and reviewed Top Dollar Mobile have stated that they received the Jiffy bag quickly and in a professional manner. Everyone who sent in a phone were notified by e-mail when it was received and then the Payment was sent via either cheque or BACS (whichever was specified) within 2 – 7 days.

We rate Top Dollar Mobile very highly as not is the site extremely user friendly but the prices for certain models are some of the highest we have seen.

If you have recently used this company then please leave a comment below.

You can recycle your old phone at Top Dollar Mobile here

32% of UK Residents Still Unaware that Mobiles Can be Recycled

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A recent study that was carried out by Orange has found that there is around there are £2.69 billion worth of unwanted mobile handsets collecting dust in UK homes and 32% (one in three) still have no idea how to recycle them.

The study also revealed that 40% (one in four) of people in the UK had never recycled an old mobile phone and 24% didn’t realise that they could get cash for selling them online or offline.

Also and quite surprisingly the research found that 11% of people keep hold of their old mobiles as they don’t want to part with them, in the 18-24’s age group this figure was as high as 27% sitting on their old handsets with only 7% of the over 50’s.

Overall and in comparison to other recycling methods which offer no financial rewards the recycling of mobile phones has increase significantly over the last few years.

This study was carried out by Orange at the same time that the European Union has been attempting to push more EU residents to recycle more electrical goods including mobile phones.

Its hoped that the study by Orange will get the message across that more people need to be recycling mobile phones and may be able to make a bit of money doing so.

Recycle your old mobile phone at Top Dollar Mobile here

How Mobile Recycling has Evolved

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Back in 2006 if you were to ‘recycle a mobile phone’ your only option would be to give it to your friends or family or sell it on an auction site like eBay.  Today that has all changed and mobile recycling has become a massive business which has taken off in the UK more than any other country in the World.

Last year in the UK it was estimated that around 12 million unwanted or broken mobile handsets were recycled. In the UK people upgrade or purchase around 30 million mobile handsets per year so its expected that the recycling industry in the UK will keep going from strength to strength.

As more and more people upgrade to the latest high end Smartphone the price of old mobiles is also increasing. Back in 2006 when mobile recycling began many people would dig through their drawers to find an old Nokia 3330 which could be sold for a couple of pounds. Now the average price that is paid for old mobiles is around £43 each with many handsets being much higher.

One of the UK’s biggest and most successfully mobile recyclers Mazuma Mobile have recently announced that they have paid out over £100 million to their customers. Mazuma say that Apple handsets now account for 9% of all mobiles that come into them but Nokia remain the most popular at 34%.

Managing Director of Mazuma, Charlo Carabott said that Mazuma are the most trusted mobile recycling company in the UK. They have great pricing on all mobile models and offer fast payments which sometimes can be as quick as 24 hours. They now have 1.5 million customers who use their website on average once every 12 – 18 months to recycle their old mobile phone once they have upgraded to the latest model.
Mazuma also say that many customers will first check the price that they can get for their old phone before upgrading to a new one. This is most likely done so they can work out how much money they will need to fund the new handset so recycling has definitely evolved to become part of the upgrade process.

Recycle your old mobile for cash at Mazuma Mobile here

Console Trade in Websites

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As well as recycling old mobile phones for cash many people are looking to recycle other electronic devices online such as games consoles. Games consoles that can be traded in online for cash or vouchers include the Xbox, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Nintendo Wii, DS, Gamecube and many more.

As well as recycling games consoles many websites will also accept video games and Blu-Rays and pay extra cash, credit or vouchers for these too.

The following are the UK’s two most popular games console trade in websites:

Trade Your Games

Trade Your Games is a fairly new website that allows consumers to trade in their video games and consoles in return for cash or credit. Credit can be added to the account and used to buy pre-owned console games just like on the high street. If cash is chosen then cheque or Paypal payments will be paid once the unwanted games console or game has been received and tested. They state on their site that you will get up to as much as 40% more than on the high street.


This site seems to be getting more and more popular in the UK. At SpeedSell you can sell pretty much anything in return for cash, this includes a wide range of video games consoles. This site is great as they will even pay cash for antique systems such as the Playstation 1 or Super Nintendo. They pay cold hard cash which is sent via cheque or Paypal within 7 days of them receiving your unwanted item.

O2 Recycle

O2 Recycle is owned and operated by one of the UK’s biggest mobile networks, O2. At O2 Recycle you can sell mobile phones, digital cameras, games consoles, MP3 players and lots more electronic gadgets in return for cash payments via either cheque or bank transfer. By using this site not only will you earn some extra cash for selling your console or other device, but you will be helping a good cause as they also give all profits they make to the ‘Think Big’ charity that helps young people in the UK turn their lives around. All payments are sent in cash within 5 working days or them receiving your unwanted items. This recycling site is available to non O2 customers.