Boots Recycle Adds MP3 Players, SAT NAVs and Digital Cameras

Published by Stephen Roper on Tagged Boots Mobile Recycling

Popular recycling site Boots Recycle has recently added MP3 players, SAT NAVs and digital cameras to their range of devices that people can send in to be recycled.

This is great news for anyone that has just got a new MP3 player, SAT NAV or digital camera for Christmas and wants to dispose of the old one in return for points that can be spent in Boot’s January sales.

Boots Recycle works in partnership with one of the UK’s biggest recycling companies, Redeem Plc. Customers simply choose the device they want to sell, send it in and Boots will issue them with Advantage Card Points that can be picked up at one of the Extra Offer Kiosks in larger Boots stores.

In addition to offering recycling for old SAT NAVs, digital cameras and MP3 players, Boots Recycle still accept mobile phones.

Recycle your old mobile or other electronic device at Boots Recycle here

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