Business Recycling

Business Recycling – Sell Old Mobile Phone for Cash Payments

Do you represent a business, company, organization or charity and are looking to raise some extra funds? Do you have old mobile phones stashed away in your office whether they are staff, customers or even your own business mobiles? Many companies do not realize that these old handsets can be sold for anywhere between £1 – £220 each. There are specialist mobile recycling companies that work pro-actively with businesses to deliver and manage collection schemes for all your old phones.

Out of the 5 main recycling companies in the UK at this time, 3 offer their services to businesses, charities and any other organizations:

Envirofone B2B

Envirophone have their own business section and offer a full W.E.E. compliant recycling service that is backed up with fast 7 day cash payments and excellent business support. All mobile trade ins can be done direct from their website, for full details on how to use this visit our Envirophone page.  Once you have added the handsets you want to sell to your basket simply complete your business details and a courier will be sent out for free collection.


Fonebank also provide a very easy to use commercial recycling service. When registering your details on their website simply click on the button marked business, organization or charity and all payments from your old phones will be sent to the company, charity or organization that you represent or support. If you are recycling 15 or more mobiles a free collection will be arranged.

Mazuma Mobile

Although Mazuma don’t have their own section for businesses they are happy for you to sell as many old phones as you wish via their website. If you trade in more than 10 phones in one order they will call you to arrange a free courier collection. Visit our Mazuma page for full details on how to use their site.

Sell Old Phone

Sell Old Phone doesn’t have a business section but you can add as many as 250 old phones to your basket which add up to a maximum value of £5000. You can then return all your businesses handests for recycling via the freepost address provided. Visit Sell Old Phone to find out more.


Mopay do not have their own business section however if you want to send in phones in bulk you will get a free courier collection for sending 5 or more.

Find the highest price for your old mobile by comparing all leading mobile recycling sites using our new comparison tool here: