By 2012 Over 8000 Tonnes of Mobile Phone Waste will Pollute the World’s Landfills

Published by Stephen Roper on Tagged environment

A recent study carried out by Deloitte showed that by the year 2012 over 8000 tonnes of mobile phone waste will be polluting the World’s landfills, unless more effective ways to recycle mobile phones are found and more people become aware of their options. The study came after it was also found that there are still 90 million unused mobile phones in the UK.

The study showed that although people are aware of recycling paper, glass and plastic correctly one of the biggest threats to the environment could be the mobile phones in their pockets. The results of this study just highlight how important it is to recycle old mobile phones correctly and not just to throw them in the bin.

If mobile phones are disposed of incorrectly and end up at landfill they will leak dangerous chemicals which can eventually end up in rivers or even in our own water supplies. This can end up causing damage to wildlife or even health problems in humans.

Do your bit for the environment and recycle your old mobile today

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