Coinstar to Purchase Rights for Eco-ATM

Published by Stephen Roper on Tagged Eco Friendly

Coinstar the company who currently run automated coin counting and video rental machines have recently announced they are going to purchase the rights to run mobile recycling machines called Eco-ATM’s.

The Eco-ATM was first launched in 2008 by a San Diego based company and is already being trialed in 7 locations across the US. Eco-ATM’s automatically work out the price of a mobile phone based on the one that is put inside, cash, gift cards or vouchers is then instantly paid out to the user. The old mobile then stays inside the kiosk until they are emptied and then taken to be re-used or recycled.

Gregg Kaplan, CEO of Coinstar said that their latest investment would provide an easy and convenient way for people to responsibly recycle their old mobile phones.

Coinstar currently operate 26,900 DVD kiosks and 19,000 coin counting kiosks around the world.

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