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As well as recycling old mobile phones for cash many people are looking to recycle other electronic devices online such as games consoles. Games consoles that can be traded in online for cash or vouchers include the Xbox, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Nintendo Wii, DS, Gamecube and many more.

As well as recycling games consoles many websites will also accept video games and Blu-Rays and pay extra cash, credit or vouchers for these too.

The following are the UK’s two most popular games console trade in websites:

Trade Your Games

Trade Your Games is a fairly new website that allows consumers to trade in their video games and consoles in return for cash or credit. Credit can be added to the account and used to buy pre-owned console games just like on the high street. If cash is chosen then cheque or Paypal payments will be paid once the unwanted games console or game has been received and tested. They state on their site that you will get up to as much as 40% more than on the high street.


This site seems to be getting more and more popular in the UK. At SpeedSell you can sell pretty much anything in return for cash, this includes a wide range of video games consoles. This site is great as they will even pay cash for antique systems such as the Playstation 1 or Super Nintendo. They pay cold hard cash which is sent via cheque or Paypal within 7 days of them receiving your unwanted item.

O2 Recycle

O2 Recycle is owned and operated by one of the UK’s biggest mobile networks, O2. At O2 Recycle you can sell mobile phones, digital cameras, games consoles, MP3 players and lots more electronic gadgets in return for cash payments via either cheque or bank transfer. By using this site not only will you earn some extra cash for selling your console or other device, but you will be helping a good cause as they also give all profits they make to the ‘Think Big’ charity that helps young people in the UK turn their lives around. All payments are sent in cash within 5 working days or them receiving your unwanted items. This recycling site is available to non O2 customers.

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