Earn Some Christmas Cash by Recycling Your Old Mobile

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With Christmas approaching its time to put your hand in your pocket to pay for gifts and food over the festive season, a great way to earn some extra money is by recycling your old mobile phone. This makes even more sense if your getting a new handset for Christmas and want to dispose of the old one, to earn some extra money for the January sales and help the environment.

Recent research has found that 84% of homes in Britain have at least one old mobile phone knocking about. Also great news for Smartphone users is that that the payout for old handsets has risen 68% in the last month.

Strangely enough though although 95% of UK residents are aware of mobile recycling many seem to miss out when it comes to getting the highest prices for their old handset with 21% taking the first offer and not checking all available recycling sites. A further 60% of people don;t even bother recycling their old phones online and simply opt to giving it to a member of their friends or family.

The following 5 handsets would get you the most cash this year they are the iPhone 4 valued at £390, the 32GB iPhone 3GS for £249, 16GB iPhone 3GS for £240, the HTC Desire for £201 and the Blackberry Bold 9700 for £200.

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