Envirofone is one of the largest mobile recycling companies in the UK. You may have seen them advertised recently on TV channels in the UK. Launched in March 2006 they have paid over £20 Million to their users and donated over £500,000 to charities.

Sending 4 or more phones? Get free courier collection.

How it Works

Find your old mobile phone and search for it on the Envirofone home page here to find out the value. If you are happy with the value then follow the steps and enter the required details.

You will be sent a free padded envelope through the post, there is a free post address on it but it is recommended to send it recorded delivery in case it gets lost in the post. If you are sending 4 or more old handsets then you will get a free courier collection, you will be given the option in your account if you qualify.

Once your phone is received it will be tested and graded. You will then be sent your payment within 7 days via cheque or Argos card. (Whichever you requested)


You can opt to either receive cheque or an Argos card for the handset you send in. If you opt to receive an Argos card you will get a higher value for your phone.

What happens to you old phone that is sent to Envirofone?

The first thing Envirofone will do when they receive your old phone is test it to see whether it can be re-used. Just like we are all encouraged to re-use our old carrier bags its the same for mobiles, if it can be re-used then it will be. If it is faulty and cannot be re-furbished or re-used then it will be recycled. Handsets to be recycled are sent to be reprocessed, the reprocessor will take out any valuable parts such as plastics, metal or flash memory. Any other components that remain after this are smelted down and used for energy recovery.

One precious mineral Coltan which comes from the forests of the Congo in Central Africa. In recent years the mining of the Congo for this material has led to a major reduction in animal habitation, recycling of mobiles can lead to a reduction in the need for this raw material.

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