Estimated 85 Million Old Mobile Phone Still Being Hoarded in UK Households

Published by Stephen Roper on Tagged Mobile Phones

According to the latest research by Consumer Focus UK consumers are still hoarding an estimated 85 million old mobile phones in their homes and offices. If all old mobiles were cashed in using mobile recycling sites they would be worth a huge amount of money.

The research was carried out by ICM for the Consumer Watchdog and revealed that 68% of mobile phone users (Seven out of ten) have at least one unwanted mobile in their home and 11% have a massive five or more old phones knocking about.

On average a used mobile phone can be sold online for around £25 with some recycling sites paying up to as much as £300 each depending on the model.

Every year millions of old mobiles are still being thrown away, even with the number of recycling sites and schemes available one in ten people admit to putting their old mobile handsets in the bin. By throwing old phones in the bin not only are we wasting lots of money but also adding more non-biodegradable electronic waste to our landfills.

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