Free Electronic Recycling Offered at Currys

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Many people would have found an electronic device such as a mobile phone, iPod, MP3 player or games console under their Christmas tree this year. Its actually estimated that 40% of British people get an electronic device for Christmas which is leaving millions of old devices sat in the back of drawers unused and unwanted.

As there are millions of unwanted devices knocking about people’s homes and many are making their way to landfill, it has led to the UK government putting pressure on retailers to offer consumers a way to recycle their unwanted goods.

Curry’s is the only nationwide electrical retailer to come up with a solution to the electronic waste problem and is now offering all customers free collection and recycling of old electronic products.

If you order a new TV or home appliance, Curry’s will take away the old one and recycle it correctly when delivering the new one. Other small electrical appliance can be taken in store for recycling even if you didn’t purchase it from Curry’s in the first place.

If you have an old mobile phone it can be recycled online for cash at popular mobile recycling sites including Mobile Phone Xchange, Mopay or Greentec.

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