Get 10% Extra on Cash Value of Old Mobile at Mopay with PC World and Currys Vouchers

Published by Stephen Roper on Tagged Mopay

Mopay one of the UK’s leading mobile recyclers has recently announced that they will be offering all customers to chance to get an extra 10% on the cash value for their old mobile phone when taking either PC World or Currys vouchers.

This is great new for anyone looking to recycle at Mopay as it means that unwanted mobile phones and iPods can be traded in then people can take their vouchers to buy the latest technology.

Co founder of Mopay, Simon Walsh said “This is a closer step towards like for like mobile and iPod recycling. The aim has always been to offer people the option to recycle their old mobile or iPod and use the money gained in the purchase of their new device.”

Recycle your old phone or iPod at Mopay here

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