Get Cash for Mobile Accessories at Fonehub

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One of the newest and most trusted mobile recycling sites, Fonehub is now allowing customers who have mobile phone accessories to send them in with their old phones in order to earn extra cash.

If the mobile phone you want to sell is worth more than £50 and you have the original bluetooth headshet, handsfreekit or travel charger then send them in with your order. You can find out how much each accessory is worth before sending it in by simply selecting the handset you want to sell.

As far as we know Fonehub is the only mobile recycling website available at this time to offer recycling of accessories. The site also offers recycling of iPods and iphones for cash payments.

They also are the first recycling site to offer a price promise where they guarantee to pay the exact price you are quoted for your old mobile phone. Some mobile trade in websites reserve the right to pay you up to 80% of the mobiles value until they receive and test it. This doesn’t happen at Fonehub you will always receive the exact price that you you see on the screen.

Recycle your used mobile phone at Fonehub here

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  1. Deb Says:

    I have Nokia N95 accessories for sale – charger, earphones, transfer cable, etc and would like to sell them.

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