Green Mobile Phone Manufacturers Need More Recycled Handsets

Published by Stephen Roper on Tagged Eco Friendly

Mobile phones are one of the most widely used electronic devices of this century. Many people will not leave the house without carrying their phone and feel helpless without it.

As technology changes rapidly, more people are upgrading to the latest model at a much quicker rate meaning there are millions of old mobile phones still lying around in people’s drawers, many of which will be thrown in the bin and eventually find their way to landfill.

In order to try and solve this problem many mobile phone manufacturers are offering their own schemes to increase recycling rates. There are also many mobile phone recycling sites such as Envirofone, Phone Recycle Bank and Fonebank that will buy old mobiles off consumers in return for a cash payment.

Not only are mobile phone manufacturers offering recycling schemes but they are also starting to produce green mobiles such as the Sony Ericsson Greenheart range. These green mobile phones are much friendlier to the environment as they use recycled parts and batteries that do not contain corrosive materials.

Manufacturers of green mobiles are now saying that if recycling rates do not increase around the world there will not be enough parts available for them to mass produce these eco-friendly phones. This is another reason why it is so important to recycle your old and unwanted mobile phones.

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