How Mobile Recycling has Evolved

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Back in 2006 if you were to ‘recycle a mobile phone’ your only option would be to give it to your friends or family or sell it on an auction site like eBay.  Today that has all changed and mobile recycling has become a massive business which has taken off in the UK more than any other country in the World.

Last year in the UK it was estimated that around 12 million unwanted or broken mobile handsets were recycled. In the UK people upgrade or purchase around 30 million mobile handsets per year so its expected that the recycling industry in the UK will keep going from strength to strength.

As more and more people upgrade to the latest high end Smartphone the price of old mobiles is also increasing. Back in 2006 when mobile recycling began many people would dig through their drawers to find an old Nokia 3330 which could be sold for a couple of pounds. Now the average price that is paid for old mobiles is around £43 each with many handsets being much higher.

One of the UK’s biggest and most successfully mobile recyclers Mazuma Mobile have recently announced that they have paid out over £100 million to their customers. Mazuma say that Apple handsets now account for 9% of all mobiles that come into them but Nokia remain the most popular at 34%.

Managing Director of Mazuma, Charlo Carabott said that Mazuma are the most trusted mobile recycling company in the UK. They have great pricing on all mobile models and offer fast payments which sometimes can be as quick as 24 hours. They now have 1.5 million customers who use their website on average once every 12 – 18 months to recycle their old mobile phone once they have upgraded to the latest model.
Mazuma also say that many customers will first check the price that they can get for their old phone before upgrading to a new one. This is most likely done so they can work out how much money they will need to fund the new handset so recycling has definitely evolved to become part of the upgrade process.

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