Is Getting a Green Mobile Phone Really Worth it?

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Many mobile phone manufacturers have recently released plans to reduce their carbon footprints. One of these plans includes the introduction of green mobile phones which are made from recycled materials and designed for much greater energy efficiency than a standard model. Many of these green models are missing some of the latest features so are they really worth it?

Samsung Blue Earth

The Samsung Blue Earth is a pebble shaped, solar powered touchscreen handset made out of recycled bottles. It has a built in pedometer so you can measure how much smaller your carbon footprint is when walking rather than driving. This handset is due to be released in the UK later on this year. A full solar charge on the handset will give the battery 4 hours talk time, to date its unknown how well this will work. Its unlikely that this phone will have any other amazing features besides the environmental ones.

Motorola Renew

The Motorola Renew is available now on T-Mobile. It has very few special features. However it is the worlds first carbon neutral handset made entirely from plastic recycled water bottles, it also comes in packaging made from recycled materials. The Renew has a basic music player, no blue tooth, no camera and the screen is so small that video cannot be used.

Overall both of these new green phones seem like very basic handsets and can really only be used for calling and txting. If you want a phone with better features and also want to help the environment it may be better to buy a phone from a manufacturer with a good environmental background such as Motorola, Nokia, LG, Sony Ericsson or Samsung.

Other ways that you can help save the environment yourself would be to unplug your charger when its not being used, reuse any packaging that your phone comes in and recycle your old mobile.

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