LG Arena Gets £1 Million in Sales in 6 Months

Published by Stephen Roper on Tagged Eco Friendly

LG Arena KM900

The LG Arena that recently won the award for Europe’s most eco-friendly phone has racked up over £1 million over 6 months despite the economic slump. LG has confirmed that the LG Arena, first launched in February has been one of the factors for a highly successful 6 months for the company.

According to latest figures over 5 million phones were sold by LG during the period from April to June. This was a massive 35% rise from last years figures.

President and CEO of LG, DR Skott Ahn, said we will keep going out of our way to gain our customer’s insights and reflect their needs in our products.

The LG Arena was voted Europe’s greenest handset by the European Imaging and Sound Assosiation last month due to its use of reusable materials and the fact that most of the parts could be recycled.

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