Make Recycling Top of Your Spring Cleaning List

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UK residents who are planning to have a major spring clean this year are being urged to recycle their old electrical and many non electrical items rather than throwing them in the bin.

Top of the spring clean list may not be kettles and mobile phones but recent research has shown that every UK household has at least 3 unwanted electrical item stashed away.

In the UK alone its estimated that 155 million small electrical product were purchased last year weighing a massive 551,000 tonnes which equates to 22kg per household. Only 10% of all items bought are actually recycled.

A small amount of people are already recycling items such as mobile phones, TV and computers but items such as hair dryers, electronic toys, gardening products, electric toothbrushes, old CD’s, DVD’s and computer games are simply being thrown in the bin.

Many electrical retailers now offer recycling take back services to their customers under the recent WEE directive. Also many UK county councils encourage people to take old electrical items to household waste sites where old electrical items can be thrown away and sent off to be recycled correctly.

Any electrical items that use a mains charger or a battery to power it can all be recycled. Once they are recycled the materials that are taken from them can be used for other uses, for example an iron contains enough steel to make just over 13 new food cans. Mobile phones can be recycled to remove parts which can be used in the production of new handsets which will save new materials being mined.

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