Many People are Still Not Aware that Old Mobile Phones can be Recycled

Published by Stephen Roper on Tagged Recycling

According to recent research it has been found that although many people around the world are now doing more environmentally friendly activities such as disposing of paper, plastic, aluminium and food waste correctly, many people are still not aware that electrical items such as mobile phones can be recycled.

The mains reasons that were given as to why electrical items were not disposed of correctly were that people either were not aware or simply did not know what to do. Therefore many old mobile phones are still sat around people’s homes collecting dust when they could be recycled and many of the parts inside re-used.

It’s estimated that there is still a massive 80 million unwanted or unused old mobile phones sat around people’s homes worth a staggering £1.6 billion. If all these old handsets were dug out and sent into one of the many online recycling services then not only would everyone benefit from the extra cash but it would also be a massive help to the environment.

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