Many People in the UK Missing Out on the Best Mobile Phone Deal

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An new survey carried out by Which the online consumer advice site has found that as many as 20 million people living in the UK have never changed their mobile phone deal and therefore could be missing out on massive savings.

The survey discovered that a massive 5.3 million people who have changed their mobile provider at least once said they have since spent much less.
The people who haven’t switched their provider said they were put off by them thinking that the process was very difficult. However of the people that have switched nine out of ten said the process was very easy to do.

Of the 5.8 million people that have changed providers 26% said they did so to get a more competitive tariff, 16% said it was for a better mobile handset and for 14% it was to improve their reception.

The survey found for pay as you customers the cost of a the handset is the most important factor when choosing a new one, for contract customers most said it was the features.

Also the survey surprisingly found that nine out of ten people would rather go into a mobile phone shop to get a new handset rather than buying one online. This is despite the fact that salesmen in shops will often convince customers to take unnecessary extras including insurance, more often than not insurance is not necessary as it can be covered under people’s home insurance or through their bank.

In other news popular up and coming mobile network giffgaff is calling on people to break free from their mobile contracts, unlock their phones and join their network. For each customer that joins with an unlocked phone giffgaff will donate £4 to Wood Green, The Animal Charity to cover the cost of freeing a battery hen. The network hopes the nhew campaign will help consumers as well as chickens to go ‘free range.’

Giffgaff costs less than other other networks, their standard rates are less than half of what the ‘big’ networks charge and their bundles of text and minutes (Goodybags) are a great way to save even more.

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  1. Harry Payne Says:

    Well, thank god i am not one of them. Recently sold my iPhone XS for iPhone 11 pro to a store named CellCrazy in Slough. Guys! do not miss the chance of selling your phone. You get extra money and a new phone for sure!

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