Mazuma Advert Banned by the Advertising Standards Association

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Popular recycling company Mazuma Mobile have had an advert banned by the Advertising Standards Association (ASA) as they say it was targeting teenagers to recycle their mobile phones.

The advert showed a teenage girl and boy dancing to a song about recycling mobile phones for up to £150 cash.

The advertising campaign that ran in April this year was banned after 13 complaints were received by ASA. The complaints said that the advert was irresponsible as it made it look like teenagers could trade in their own mobile phones on the site without parental consent being needed.

However Mazuma said that the advertising campaign was not targeting children and had a strong appeal with adults. They also said that the children’s channels that the advert was on had delivered less than 10% of their target audience. Mazuma also stated that their website makes it clear that trade ins from under 18’s can only be submitted under the supervision of an adult. In the actual advert Mazuma say that the actors used were over 18.

Despite all this ASA still banned the advert as it says that due to the music and young actors it was still likely to appeal to under 18’s. ASA also said that Mazuma Mobile would be unable to verify whether a parent or guardian is supervising when a trade in order is placed on their website.

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