Mazuma Mobile Creates Europe’s First Mobile Data Delete Tool

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Further to our post in February about mobile phone users being warned to delete personal date off their old phones, Mazuma Mobile have created Europe’s first Mobile Data Delete Tool.

When a mobile phone user upgrades their old phone they either throw it in the bin and it ends up rotting away on a landfill site or they recycle it. Both these options can leave the mobile user open to many forms of identity theft, as it’s likely for many people to store sensitive data such as pin numbers, bank details or passwords on their mobiles.

The easiest way to delete all data from an old mobile phone is to restore the phone to factory settings but as mobiles are becoming more complex it makes it harder for people to follow the instructions in their phones manuals to actually do this, if that information is even in the manual at all.

This is why Mazuma Mobile has created the Mobile Data Delete Tool. It’s very easy to use; you simply select your phones make and model and you will be sent step by step instructions on how to delete personal data from your old phone before you return it for recycling. The tool currently supports more than 500 makes and models but by the end of May 2009 will support every make and model of every handset ever sold in the UK.

In a recent statement Managing Director of Mazuma Mobile, Charlo Carabott said, “Mazuma Mobile customers have always been assured that not only would they would get the best prices for their old phones but their handsets would be safely redistributed for reuse in developing countries via our approved partners.” On the launch of the new delete tool he said, “We wanted to empower our customers and give total peace of mind by enabling them to delete their own personal data.”

The new Mobile Data Delete Tool can be found by visit by visiting the Mazuma Mobile home page and selecting the business tab from the top of the screen and then the appropriate option.

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