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It has been a year since Mazuma Mobile launched their first ever TV ad campaign. The campaign has been running since June 2008 on some of the biggest satellite TV channels including Sky One and Sky Sports at peak times until and on many of the Freeview terrestrial channels.

The advert lasts for 30 seconds and features Maz, who is the small red alien looking character. In the advert you will see a typical household which has an old phone left in a drawer. The ad tells you to visit Mazuma, place an order and post it to receive cash up to £100 for it.

Managing director of Mazuma, Charlo Carabott said, ‘every year over 20 million old phones are being upgraded, our biggest fear is that many are being are being left in drawers and forgotten about.’

Mazuma estimate that there are as many as 100 million old phones sat around in people’s drawers are stashed away elsewhere. If all these phones are left sitting around for too long they will eventually become worthless. At this point many people may simply throw them in the bin which will end up causing problems to the environment.

In order to prevent this problem, Charlo said, ‘Our main aim is prevent old phones being thrown away by educating consumers and providing them with a rewarding way to recycling their old handsets for cash as soon as it has been upgraded.’

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