Millions of Old Phones Still Lying Around People’s Homes

Published by Stephen Roper on Tagged Recycling

A recent survey has found that more than 52% of British people hoard their old mobile phones at home in case their current phones is broken, stolen or lost.

The survey revealed that a massive 81% of people upgrade their phones within 1 – 2 years even though an average mobile will last 7 years. This is because people like to have the latest models and are being offered upgrades by mobile networks wanting to keep their custom. Many people will go through 3 – 4 handsets in the 7 year lifespan of a mobile phone.

The result of so many people upgrading so quickly means that around 100 million old handsets are lying around in people’s homes collecting dust, or even worse being thrown in the bin and later at landfills causing damage to the environment.

The survey also found that still only 22% of people in Britain are recycling their old phones, with 4% admitting to throwing them in the bin.

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