Mobile 2020 Launches Phone Recycle Bank, New Mobile Recycling Site

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Phone Recycle Bank websiteOne of World’s top mobile phone distribution companies, Mobile 20:20 has launched a new mobile phone recycling site, Phone Recycle Bank. The new site has been developed in-house and promises to offer customers higher payments for their old mobile phones by using industry partnerships and other channels.

UK Managing Director of 20:20 Mobile, James Browning said: “The cash for old mobile phones market has been going for a number of years now and many consumers are aware that they can get a payment for their old handsets. The main problem is that some companies are not experts in the mobile phone industry so consumers can be disappointed with the values that they are currently receiving.”

By entering the mobile phone recycling market, Mobile 20:20 will put the company’s knowledge and expertise behind them and aim to offer highest prices for over 850 mobile phone models. They will also increase awareness of the importance of mobile phone recycling.

Recycle your old mobile at Phone Recycling Bank here

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