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Mobile phone recycling company Mazuma mobile has made a fortune from individuals returning their old mobile phones but how exactly do they work?

In a business park in Watford, Mazuma Mobile has a 5000 square foot warehouse that receives over 100,000 old mobile phones every month. Each handset that is received is processed and sorted on site. This is a long and complex task but for Mazuma mobile one that has huge financial rewards.

The process begins with the sorting level; all Mazuma staff are trained to check over each phone that is received, look at the condition then sort them into boxes dependant on make and model.

Each handset must be fully checked by Mazuma’s test engineers to find out whether they are working or whether they should be broken down into recyclable parts.

Managing Director of Mazuma, Charlo Carabott said: “We’re an authorised treatment facility and can screen the handsets we receive to find out whether they are re-useable or waste.”

Carabott says the UK mobile phone recycling market is still growing at a fast rate and Mazuma aim to increase their intake of handsets by double every month by the end of 2009. To cope with this increase they plan to take on 10 new test engineers and construct a mezzanine floor.

Once the mobile handsets are boxed and sorted they are ready to be shipped and sold on to developing countries.

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