Mobile Phone Xchange Made to Reword Adverts

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Leading mobile recycling site, Mobile Phone Xchange has had to reword their adverts after a previous advertising campaign was found to be misleading by the Advertising Standards Authority. (ASA)

The previous campaign was found to be misleading after a view complained; they said that the advert had said, “Did you know that you can exchange any unwanted mobile phone for cash at If you have recently upgraded or are about to change your phone, visit our website to get an instant valuation for your old mobile.”

The complaint was made by the viewer because Mobile phone Exchange would not buy his phone off him although the advert stated they would buy any model.

After the complaint was made Mobile Phone Xchange did admit that they could not offer cash for every mobile model available but said that they could offer cash for 900 different handsets so did not feel that the ads were misleading.

ASA decided that the adverts could not be shown again as they were slightly misleading as consumers may think that every model of handset could be recycled for cash.

Managing Director of Mobile Phone Exchange, Geoff Walters said: “The adverts were not live at the time and since then a new campaign has been made and reworded. We made a mistake that has since been fixed.”

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