Mobile Phone Xchange Offers Payments by Paypoint

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Leading recycling site, Mobile Phone Xchange has become the first mobile recycler in the UK to offer cash payments though the Paypoint network of over 22,000 retailers.

Before this payment option became available it was only possible to receive cash for old mobiles via cheque, BACS or via high street vouchers.

Under the new Paypoint scheme Mobile Phone Xchange customers send in their mobiles and are then sent a text message that contains the amount to be paid and a reference number. The retailer will then check the reference number using the Paypoint machine and give the cash to the customer, the shop will then get their money back within 3 days.

Many mobile recycling companies say they offer cash for phones but with this new scheme Mobile Phone Xchange are the only company to actually deliver on that promise in an easy and convenient manner.

i-movo is the technology provider behind the new scheme and David Tymm, CEO at i-movo said “These have delivered millions of pounds in cash back into local communities. Customers love the convenience of using a local shop to collect their payment and this generates additional footfall and business for our retailers.”

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