Mobile Phone Xchange Pays Highest Cash Prices for iPhones

Published by Stephen Roper on Tagged Mobile Phone Xchange

Mobile Phone Xchange have recently carried out research that shows they are paying the highest prices for many iPhone models in compassion to other online mobile phone recyclers.

The research showed that for an Apple iPhone 3G 16GB you could get £198 in cash from Mobile Phone Exchange, where as you would only get around £180 average from their main competitors. The company also offers higher prices for the iPhone 8GB and the iPhone 3GS 32GB amongst many other models.

These high prices are great news for iPhone users who have recently joined Vodafone to get the iPhone 3G or 3GS that has just launched; many people may therefore have an old iPhone model to sell.

Mobile Phone Xchange constantly monitors prices across all mobile phone models in order to offer their users the highest prices. If you opt to be paid in Debenhams vouchers you will get up to an extra 15% on the standard cash price.

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