Mobile Phone Xchange Pays Highest Rates for 360 Mobile Phone Models

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After a recent check on mobile phone recycling sites it has been found that Mobile Phone Xchange is paying the highest prices on a massive 360 different models in comparison to their competitors.

Ten of the most popular with the latest prices include:

Sony Ericsson W595 – £54

Sony Ericsson W902 – £95

Sony Ericsson W910i – £34

Samsung J700 – £17

Samsung Tocco – £47

Nokia N73 – £58

Nokia N82 – £94

Blackberry 8820 – £46

Nokia 3110 Classic – £18

Motorola E6 – £36

(Prices are correct as of August 2009)

Mobile Phone Xchange also offer more for your old phone if you take Argos vouchers rather than cash.

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5 Responses to “Mobile Phone Xchange Pays Highest Rates for 360 Mobile Phone Models”

  1. Mike Mkcoy Says:

    Hello I’ve heard through the grapevine MPX are going to increase how much they pay per mobile compared to other recyclers in a bid to remain the highest paying and they have a good track record for happy customers so are good to go with.

  2. George Thomson Says:

    True but unfortunately they don’t actually pay you the quoted price. i was quoted £105, then offered £30 when they took receipt of my phone, stating that the touch screen didn’t work. They are unreachable by telephone, so i had to send a recorded delivery letter requesting my handset back.
    Then all of a sudden i received an email saying that, they had rechecked my handset, and it was in fact working, but it the screen was scratched beyond “that allowed for normal wear and tear”, so the very best they could offer me was £80 and it would cost me £10 if i wanted the phone back, demanding that the cheque must be received within 5 days or they “would be unable to return the phone”

    This is despite stating that they would require notification within 3 days of whether or not i wanted to accept their negotiated offer, or they would no longer be able to return the phone.

    A quick Google, (which i wish i had performed before i dealt with this lot) turns up identical stories to this.

    companies like this are doing a great deal of harm to online retail, you’ve been warned!

  3. Jim Henson Says:

    I think these ‘horror’ stories are few and far between. Myself and many of my friends have sent in many old handsets for recycling to companies like Mobile Phone Xchange and others and have received excellent service.

    If the touchscreen on your phone didn’t work then its understandable that you wouldn’t receive full price as your phone wasn’t in full working order.

    In my opinion these mobile recycling companies are providing a great service and above all are helping the environment!

  4. Matt Baker Says:

    I would think these stories are not so few and far between, I have sent in a handset, in full working order, and was quoted £99. Around 10 days later I had still not received any notification so I checked the balance of the gift card at a store, £76! i emailed, and as stated they are not possible to contact by phone, and was told it was because of the broken cover!?? So either the postie or the engineer at MPX has broke it or they are blagging. Got offered £86 as a result, then have had another email saying the best they can offer is £80!!! trading standards number anyone?

  5. zara Says:

    Well i had a very pleasent experience with this company. I lost on of my giftcards and they were so kind to add this to my other one. Thisd was done within minutes and received a email to confirm.

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