Mobile Phones Stolen in Riots Ending up on Auction Sites

Published by Stephen Roper on Tagged Crime

Many mobile phones ans smartphones that were stolen from shops in the recent UK riots have started turning up for sale on popular auction sites like eBay.

The database that the Police and mobile recycling companies use to check if phones are stolen, CheckMEND has reported that the number of stolen handsets being reported has risen from 2000 to 6000 per day in the last week.

Some of the extra reports on CheckMEND will have been entered by Police forces who are checking the database to see if the goods are stolen, however many reports are coming from auction sites, mobile recycling companies and second hand shops.

It’s been estimated by Goods Tracking Company Recipero that the number of standard mobile phones and smartphones that were stolen in the riots will be in the tens of thousands.

Anybody that is considering buying a new mobile phone from an auction site should first get the IMEI or serial number and check it on the CheckMEND database themselves. This can be done at a cost of £1.99 per item.

Once a handset has been reported as stolen in the UK it will be deactivated and therefore will not be able to connect any UK networks.

It’s likely that many organized criminals who have deactivated smartphones will sell them abroad so they can be reprogrammed and then will connect foreign mobile networks.

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