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Recycle your Old Mobile Phone for Cash at MYFP

Money For Your Phone (MFYP) are part of Creative Networks Ltd a successful IT Solutions Company. Recent research by MFYP has found that most people in the UK still have around 2 old mobile phones lying around their homes and offices so they thought it would be a great idea to recycle them and offer cash payments.

MFYP offer high prices for your old phone and will pay you using a variety of different payment methods including Paypal, cheque or direct to your bank account. They also offer to price match any offers you recieve from other mobile recycling sites, all you need to do is drop them an e-mail before selling your phone and they will try and match the offer. Their website is simple, straightforward and easy to use.

How it Works

  • Find the handset you want to sell from the list of manufacturers and models.
  • Once you have found the phone you want to sell click on it to be offered a price. If you are happy with the price you are offered then click the ‘add to cart’ button. If you want to add more handsets then repeat the process.
  • Next you must fill in the IMEI number of the handset you want to sell. The IMEI can be found by typing in *#06# and it will come up on the screen or by taking the back off the phone and the IMEI is the long number starting 35 under the battery.
  • Once you have entered the IMEIs of the handsets you are selling, press the checkout button and register your details with the site. Upon registration you will be able to select the method you would like to be paid.
  • Return your handset and battery using the freepost address provided, if your phone is of a higher value its recommended that you use recorded or special delivery.
  • Once received your handset will be tested and you will be sent payment within 3 days via either cheque, Paypal or direct to your bank.

Mobile Swapping Service

Money4urPhone have also recently launched a brand new exclusive ‘swap’ service that could change the way you buy and sell your mobile phone.

When recycling your old handset at Money for your Phone you can either sell it for cash as normal or use it too upgrade to a phone of your choice using the swap service. The handset you swap for will be grade A with a 90 day warranty included.

The new service is really easy to use, simply select the phone you want to recycle, select your new upgrade, pay any difference in the price with a credit / debit card or Paypal and your new mobile will be delivered within 3 days.

This great new service allows you to upgrade your mobile whenever you feel like it, there’s no limit too the number of swaps you do. It would be even possible to have a different phone every week!

Are Non Working Phones Accepted?

Yes, non working handsets are accepted, on the page that offers you a price simply click on the link below to get an instant non working price.

What Happens to my Old Phone Once its Received?

All old phones are refurbished and recycled. Many are sent to countries in Eastern Europe, Africa or Asia where land lines are expensive and mobile phones are the only form of communication.

Recycle your old mobile at Money For Your Phone here

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