Money4urmobile are part of Redeem Plc. Redeem Plc are one of the biggest mobile recycling companies with over 10 years experience. They already work with many major retailers including Boots, Sainsbury’s and Somerfield. They also help raise money for many charities including Wildlife Trust, Barnardo’s, Breast Cancer Care, Roy Castle Lung Cancer Care and lots more.

Money4urmobile provides you with an easy way to get up to £150 cash for your old handset and also help the environment. Payments are sent quickly and easily within 7 days via cheque or bank transfer whichever you decide. Money4urmobile will also pay you cash for recycling your old Apple iPod.

How it Works:

  • Search for the model and manufacturer using the drop down boxes. Once you’ve found the model the following screen will give you a price, if you are happy with this then simply click the ‘sell now’ button. If your phone has no monetary value then you can still return it free of charge for recycling and Money4urmobile will plant a tree as part of their carbon offset initiative. All handsets sent into Money4urmobile must be in working order, working order means the phone must switch on, have no water damage and the screen must be undamaged.
  • On the next screen you will see your basket which lists the mobile(s) or iPod(s) that you are selling along with confirmation of the prices. You can either click the ‘add another item’ button and repeat the above process or if you are happy click ‘proceed.’
  • Next you must register your details, accept any terms and conditions and follow through the checkout to submit your order. On the confirmation screen you will be provided with a freepost address which will also be confirmed via email. Its highly recommended that you return your handset or iPod via recorded or special delivery.
  • You must also remove any SIM cards before returning your old phone and ensure that it has been charged. Next insert both your old mobile or iPod inside your envelope together with your order confirmation. Once your old phone / iPod is received it will be checked over and payment will be sent to you within 7 working days via either cheque or bank transfer.

What happens once they receive my old phone / iPod?

If your old phone or iPod is in a good working order then it will be refurbished and sent mainly to developing countries where they can be reused as an affordable means of communication.
Any old handsets or iPods that are beyond repair are sent by Money4urmobile to be recycled, any precious metals or components that can be reused will be taken out, the remaining materials are smelted to help save energy in the future.

Recycle and old mobile or Ipod at Money4urmobile

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