More Mobile Phones Will Be Recycled in January

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According to popular UK mobile recycling site, RPC Recycle the amount of mobile phones that will be sent in to be recycled will rise significantly in January.

The amount of mobile phones to be recycled will rise in January mainly due to the amount of people getting new handsets for Christmas and therefore no longer need their existing phones.

Rebecca Downie at RPC Recycle said “Traditionally, January is one of our busiest periods, as people replace their older mobile phones with new ones. Although no longer needed, many of these older handsets cost a significant sum to buy, so it’s understandable that people want to recoup some of these costs.”

Many people are now becoming aware of the damage that mobile phones cause to the environment. One mobile phone could pollute 600,000 litres of water if not disposed of correctly  so there are definitely many environmental benefits to recycling them correctly.

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