New and Fresh Mobile Recycling Site Launched

Published by Stephen Roper on Tagged GoPumpkin

A brand new mobile recycling site, Go Pumpkin who are owned and operated by one of the biggest telecommunications companies in the world has recently been launched. They promise to take a new and fresh look at the mobile recycling industry.

Go Pumpkin promises to offer users the best possible customer experience, has a very easy to use website and offers highly competitive prices on all mobile models. Also unlike other mobile recycling sites they don’t have a complicated grading system for your old phone, they simply have a working and non-working price and will pay you the amount quoted as long as your old phone fits the description you give on the site.

To get started simply visit the Go Pumpkin site here, select the make and model of your old handset, complete the checkout and you will be sent a prepaid envelope. Once your phone has been received it will be processed and payment sent via BACS or cheque within just 2 working days.

As the site gets bigger in the future Go Pumpkin will start making donations to different charities and community projects.

Recycle your old mobile handset for cash at GoPumpkin here

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