New Code of Practice Stops Stolen Handsets Being Sold to UK Mobile Recyclers

Published by Stephen Roper on Tagged Security

The Telecommunications Fraud Forum, the UK government and the Police have recently implemented a new code of practice to stop stolen handsets being sold to mobile recycling companies.

The new code of practice will make mobile recycling companies check the details of a handset against a national database of stolen phones before purchasing them from individuals.

Up to now 90% of the UK mobile recycling industry have signed the new code of practice. Any mobile recycling companies that don’t use the new code of practice could face sanctions.

Its hoped that the new rules will put an end to the estimated 100,000 stolen mobiles that are being sent into recycling companies each year without their knowledge.

Many criminals had been using mobile recycling companies in the past as a loophole to make money from their stolen goods as although handsets reported stolen are blocked in the UK within 24 hours they can still be used abroad.

Its estimated that 100,000 stolen mobile phones have been sent in for recycling in the past with an average value of £50 each.

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