New Code of Practice to Stop Stolen Phones Being Recycled

Published by Stephen Roper on Tagged Recycling

A new code of practice has recently been set out by the Police, Government and the mobile phone industry to stop stolen mobile phones from being recycled.

Some of the biggest mobile recycling companies have already signed up including 20:20 Mobile, A Novo, Mazuma, Redeem, Royal Mail, Eazyphone, Mobile Phone Xchange, ShP Ltd, and Regenersis and Environmental Mobile Control.

Recycling companies that sign up to the new code of practice will work closely with Police, when an old mobile is received they will first check the National Mobile Phone Register to see if the phone has been reported stolen or blocked.

Its estimated that every year over 100,000 mobile phones are reported stolen and later recycled for cash with an average value of £25.

90% of mobile handsets that are stolen are blocked within the first 48 hours which has already reduced the amount of phones that are stolen. This latest initiative will make it much less profitable for criminals to steal mobile phones in the future. All mobile phone recyclers who have signed up to this scheme are serious about reducing mobile phone theft in the UK.

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