No One wants to Recycle their Old Mobiles without an Incentive

Published by Stephen Roper on Tagged environment

A recent survey carried out in the USA has found that although people want to do their bit for the environment they are unwilling to recycle old mobile phones without some sort of incentive.

In the survey of 1000 people, 98% would not be prepared to send an old mobile in for recycling without cash or shopping vouchers in return.

According to Nokia it’s not just US citizens who will not recycle without an incentive but people worldwide. Communications manager at Nokia, Saara Tahvanainen said “We’ve noticed that offering a reward increases the chances of people bringing back their old mobiles, even if the incentive is giving money to charity interest increase.”

A recent survey carried out in the UK found that mobile recycling related searches have risen almost 200% in the last 12 month which is due to the number of sites offering cash for old mobiles.

It appears as though simply asking people to recycle is no longer enough to stop old mobile phones from ending up at landfill.

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