Nokia N95 is most popular phone to be recycled but still not enough being done!

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A popular price comparison site has just revealed that the most popular handset to be recycled is the Nokia N95 which is getting people £105 per handset. The recent research done by the site has also revealed that one in six people were not even aware of the environmental benefits to recycling or that they even could recycle them.

As many people now have the need for the latest gadgets, mobile phones are being upgraded at a faster rate than ever before. This means that many people are accumulating many spare mobile handsets. If old handsets are recycled they can be put to better uses and help to save the environment.

It’s estimated that there are still 1.5 million old phones being thrown away every year, most of which are ending up on landfill sites. Over 67% of people in the UK are still not recycling their old phones.

It’s also estimated that in the UK the average person has 2 mobile phones, this figure rises up to 3 for people under 20. That’s a massive amount of old phones just lying around, if all were recycled it could be worth a massive amount of cash.

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