Old iPods Can Now be Recycled at RPC Recycle

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It has recently been announced that one of the UKs most popular online recyclers, RPC Recycle will now be allowing customers to recycle old iPods as well as mobile phones.

The company suggests that over 22% of Brits have an old iPod in their homes which are collecting dust. These could be sent in to stop so many ending up at landfill and to help get some extra money.

RPC Recycle are accepting many different models of iPods including almost all generations and offering prices from £0.25 to £62 each.

Anyone wanting to sell an unwanted iPod at RPC simply needs to add the item they want to sell, wait for a recycling pack, send their device in and then once its been checked wait for payment to be sent via either cheque, BACS or Paypal within just 2 days.

Once received RPC Recycle will either refurbish the old devices and then resell them or recycle them correctly in line with the WEEE directive.

The company has also recently announced that they have added BACS to their Paypal and cheque payment options.

Recycle your old iPods or mobile phones at RPC Recycle here

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