Old Sony Ericsson Components Used in Toys and Medical Equipment

Published by Stephen Roper on Tagged Recycling

Old components from Sony Ericsson phones are too be used in consumer goods, medical equipment and even children’s toys in new scheme.

Technology companies are realising that it is much more cost effective to use components from old phones than buy them, themselves. As Sony Ericsson is now collecting so many old mobiles it is easy for them to sell the old components to companies for re-use. Components that could be bought from old phones include colour screens, cameras and touch screens.

The new component reuse scheme is part of a massive environmental push by the mobile giant which includes the launch of their new ‘green’ handset the Sony Ericsson Naite.

The Naite is made of recycled plastics, comes in reduced packaging, the manual is built into the phone and it uses lower power consumption.

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