Over Half a Million Pounds Worth of Old Phones Recycled After Christmas

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According to a study carried out by a popular online mobile recycler in the period December 26th – January 15th over half a million old phones were sent in to be recycled.

This period was the most popular for phones being sent in for recycling due to many people getting new handsets for Christmas and other people purchasing new ones during the January sales.

The research also showed that every mobile that was sent in was worth an estimated £25 with many being worth much more.

The most popular phones to be recycled was the Nokia N95 8GB with the Nokia 6500 Slide and 6300 also in the top 10. There was 7 different Nokia phones in the top 10 showing that Nokia handsets tend to keep their value over other manufacturers.

It’s estimated that there are still over £1.6 billion worth of old phones sat around people’s homes and offices in the UK.

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