People Recycling Mobile Phones Should Wipe All Data Before Sending Them Off

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One of the UK’s most popular recycling sites has recently sent out a warning to anyone that is recycling their old mobile phones to make sure they wipe any data before sending them in.

According to a recent study when phones are either sent in to be recycled or discarded incorrectly there is enough data in them to easily identify the owner. An average smartphone may hold online passwords, other passwords, PIN numbers, cached credit card numbers and banking information so it is vital that all information is wiped to stop it from getting into the wrong hands.

New research has also found that 76% of us would feel more comfortable recycling our phones if we knew that any data was wiped clean. The following explains how to correctly and securely delete any personal data from a standard mobile phone or smartphone:

  • Check the manufactures website or the instruction booklet to find full step by step instructions on how to wipe data on your handset.
  • If your handset has flash memory then the data will still be stored even if the battery is removed. For these types of phones you should check your manual to find out how to do a hard reset which will delete all your personal data.
  • Always remove your SIM card before sending your old phone in for recycling as this may store contact details and text messages.
  • Always remove your memory card from your mobile phone before sending it in.
  • If you are giving your phone to a charity you could ask them to delete the data for you before you will donate your phone.

If you gave a smartphone its now also possible to install software that will allow you to remotely wipe the data on your handset should it ever be stolen, this software will also allow you to backup all your data at the same time.

One of the UKs most popular mobile recycling sites, Mazuma Mobile offers a mobile data delete tool free of charge on their website. To use the tool you simply enter the make and model of the mobile handset you want to sell, your name and your e-mail address and free instructions on how to delete all the data on your mobile are sent to you within minutes.

Use the free data delete tool and recycle your old mobile for cash at Mazuma here

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  1. Recycle Device Says:

    I Like your post..Keep sharing!

  2. Jillian Michaels Says:

    Well! if you are not wiping your phone clean before selling! You can be in deep trouble. I recently sold my phone to CellCrazy and i ignored this fact. Thank to their employee who asked me to clean the data and i did.

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