Phone Recycle Bank Offering Two New Payment Methods

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Popular mobile recycling site, Phone Recycle Bank has recently announced that from the 8th December (Yesterday) they will be offering 2 new payment methods through BACS and Paypal.

BACS and Paypal are now being offered in addition to cheque in order to speed up the process and to reduce any risk of loss or theft or payment.

In addition to the new payment methods, Phone Recycle Bank have also announced that customers who post their phones in their own envelopes rather than requesting one will get an extra £2 for their old mobiles. Customers can still use the free-post address for the extra £2 but its recommended that for higher value handsets that recorded or special delivery is used.

Also they have improved their site to include amendments to the FAQ and contact us pages. They have also added an extra field for IMEI’s to stop incorrect IMEI numbers coming through and made the selection process for working and non-working handsets much more clearer.

The changes detailed above should make the process for selling old phones on Phone Recycle Bank much easier and more efficient.

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