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Music Magpie

This is an interesting recycling site that we just came across; it allows users to turn their old unwanted CD’s, Computer or Console Games and DVD’s into cash. They are the UK’s only recycling site of this kind and since the site opened they have paid out just under £600,000 for their members for selling their old media.

CD’s, DVD’s, Games and the Environment

Every year 2500 tonnes of CD’s are thrown away; this figure is rising constantly as more people are moving to mp3 players.

Every year over 130 million new music CD’s are sold

An average CD album is only played 8 – 10 times

Even the heaviest scratches on CD’s can be repaired and the CD reused

All CD’s, DVD’s and Console Games are 100% recyclable

How it Works

  1. Simply visit here. You will see a box in the centre of the page to enter your CD, DVD or Game barcode. The barcode is usually found on the back of the CD, DVD or Game in the bottom left hand corner. (If there is a sticker with a bar code on from the shop or online retailer you bought it from, remove this sticker to reveal the original barcode.) You need to enter all the numbers that are on the barcode.
  2. When you press the ‘Get Value’ button the following page will give you an offer based on the market value. This CD, DVD or Game will then be added to your basket, if you would like to remove it at any point simply click the remove button. If you would like to add more then repeat the above process, otherwise tick the box to accept the T&C’s and click the ‘complete trade’ button.
  3. You can sell a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 500 CD’s, DVD’s or Games in one trade.
  4. Next you are required to register for free with the site; this will also allow you to login in the future.
  5. Once the trade is complete, you will be sent a freepost envelope which will have a barcode on the front to tell them who you are. You must package your items securely and place them in the freepost envelope. When returning the item via the post office you can either obtain proof of postage or for larger deliveries recorded delivery is recommended.
  6. Once MusicMagpie receive your old Games, CD’s or DVD’s a cheque will be sent out within 7 days

Are faulty / Scratched CD’s / DVD’s / Games Accepted?

All items received will be fully checked if they are found to contain a lot of scratches and therefore fail quality inspection 50p will be taken off the original value as a refurbishment fee.

How do I check whether the item is damaged before sending it?

Have a look at the playing surface of the disc, if it has one or more deep scratches then it will probably fail the quality inspection.

What formats are accepted?


No Singles just Albums


  • Pal only (UK) – No NTSC
  • Region 2
  • Region 0
  • Region All
  • Blue Ray

Recycling Games:

  • PC
  • Playstation 1, 2 and 3
  • Xbox
  • Xbox 360
  • Nintendo Wii
  • Nintendo DS
  • PSP

If you send in over 100 discs then a free courier will be sent to pick them up.

Recycle your Old CD’s, DVD’s and Games Here

13 Responses to “Recycle Old CD’s, Games and DVD’s for Cash – Music Magpie Review”

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  4. Tom Says:

    I don’t think that music magpie is that good. I got valuations on a stack of 30 dvds. The avergae price it will give you per film is about £0.30.
    After putting the barcode in for all 30 movies, my final offer price was about £15, and that was mostly due to 2 box sets!
    I’ve decided to take them to a local shop/pawnbroker in my local city – they tend to offer around £1 per film, more for the newer ones.

  5. Jayne Says:

    I agree, I was quite dissappointed, 20 cds dvds and games and got offered less than a tenner! some of these games cost over £35 and I was offered 30p each

  6. Naomi Says:

    Ripoff seriously, 30p per dvd. I’d rather keep them.

  7. paul Says:

    Have to say i was very disappointed aside from boxsets no dvd i put in registered more than 30p… i can get £2 each at a carboot sale without having to parcel all them up and ship themoff.
    2ndly They don’t accept ps1 games as above article suggests. If you put in ps1 barcodes it just says we do not accept this format. And lastly they want them to be in perfect condition with all artwork books etc… with ps2 games alot of these have been lost… xtravision still accept them and offer just as good of a price if not better. Musicmagpie is about right we all know magpies are robbing bastards lol

  8. Bill Says:

    Had a good experience with Music Magpie. Sent in a whole heap of old CDs and DVDs and got my cash within just a few days. Much easier than standing out in the cold all day at a car boot sale or waiting for an auction to finish without knowing whether they will even sell at all.

  9. Gordon Says:

    Musicmagpie arent bad for getting rid of the old cds that arent worth selling individually – easy solution. For dvds and games, ive always checked to see if its worth me selling them on the high street to a game or a gamestation and what they offer me than waht musicmagpie offer, also worth checking out speedsell and to see how much they offer in comparison for games. The latter one being a specialist in games so they tend to offer more than musicmagpie – who in turn seem to be better for music albums!

  10. Michael Says:

    It says it accepts PS1 games but when entering the barcode website says that it does not accept that barcode! I don’t care about the value I just want rid of them without filling landfill with crap, but if they want to make money and not care about the environment as suggests then surely they would accept them. Disappointed…

  11. Steve Says:

    For Playstation 1 games you could try this site instead:

    If all else fails sell them on eBay….

  12. nathan hargreaves Says:

    please add us to your cd recycling contact page !

    free cd&dvd recycling service !

  13. Steven Says:

    Well they say they accepts various PS games, PC and so on. They wouldn’t accept ANY of them because either “we don’t accept this kind of game (playstation 1 game or PC) or another excuse was “we don’t like that one”


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